In addition to the classroom training, our last class participants took a field trip to Honey Run Farm.  The owner, Isaac Barnes, welcomed our guests and provided a very instructive narrative on the history of this bee yard.  His presentation encourages those attending to start small, grow slowly and develop a business over time.  Isaac than toured the group through his hives, demonstrated honey extraction, discussed colonies, and ended the tour with the bee yard where all the products are made.

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What you will learn:

                1. Why Raise Bees?                      6. How to Keep Your Hive Strong

    2. Types of Hives                           7. Disease and How to Combat Them

               3. How to Hive a Bee Package     8. Attracting Pollinators

               4. Bee Keeping Equipment           9. Bee Friendly Plants and Gardens

              5. How to Feed Bees